Boeken over kanker(-genezing/-onderdrukking/-industrie)

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    Als, A Possible Cause And Probable Cure
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Koch, William F   1) The Survival Factor in Neoplastic & Viral Diseases
Koch, William F   2) Cancer & its Allied Diseases
Koch, William F 1961 3) The Chemistry of Natural Immunity
Koch, William F 1929 4) The Functional Carbonyl Group In Pathogenesis & its Reversal
Koch, William F   5) Natural Immunity
Koch, William F 1967 6) Neoplastic & Viral Parasitism their Basic Chemistry & its Clinical Reversal
    7) The Koch Treatment (Christian Medical Research League)
  1950 8) The New Science in the treatment of Disease (Christian Medical Research League)
Otto Warburg 1950 9) The Prime Cause & Prevention of Cancer
Julian F. Baldor   10) The Koch Catalytic Agents
Wahl, L 1969 11) A Least Common Denominator in Antibiotics
Suzannc Caum 1951 12) Cancer Cures Crucified
Wall, A, Rehwinkel, B L & D D Lawrence Reilly 1947 13) The Birth of a Science
Articles from Papers
Arnott, DH 1968 1) Koch’s Glyoxylide sores Pure – Bred Dairy Cattle in Mich.London, Ont.
  1949 2) Why & How of Koch Glyoxylide Treatment of Dairy Cattle in Michigan; Koch Cattle Shots Inc. Imlay City Michigan.
  1949 3) Reprint from Dept of Agric – Koch therapy in British Columbia
Barton GFRDVM 1949 4) A Preliminary Appraisal of Merits of Koch “Glyoxylide” Treatment for the correction of Mastitis, Sterility & other functional Diseases of Dairy Cattle
Langer, William   6) Congressional Record “Koch Treatment for Mastitis”

Websites van Auteurs
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