Root Canal Cancer 4

Root Canals and Cancer

By Dr. Karen Shrimplin

Josef M Issels, MD was an oncologist (cancer specialist) who viewed cancer as a general disease rather than an isolated circumscribed ailment.

Dr. Issels based his conclusions on the knowledge gathered from holistic physicians, including those of prior generations, and on his own knowledge that the general health of the whole person is equally important as the tumor itself. He reasoned that the previous damage of the defense mechanism of the person first enabled the development of the tumor.

Most of the cells in our body are constantly dividing creating new cells. The rate of cell proliferation and cell death is carefully controlled by our DNA. However, sometimes cells divide at a faster rate than is desirable and may become malignant (cancer). This daily random generation of malignant cells represents a chronic challenge to our body. Fortunately our immune system usually recognizes these malignant cells and destroys them before they develop into a cancerous tumor.

But what if our immune system has been compromised with a chronic infection such as a root canal? The immune system may not be up to the task of protecting the body from the constantly produced cancer cells. Genetic susceptibility, toxin exposure and immune system exhaustion set the stage for cancer development in susceptible tissues.

But aren’t root canals harmless? NO! (see Rosenows work). Almost all root canal teeth are infected. The mouth contains over 300 different bacteria. These bacteria remain in the porous tubules of the root and continue to grow. They can survive quite nicely in the warm, dark moist environment of even the best treated root canal tooth. They now become a focus of infection, free to disseminate bacteria and bacterial toxins to the rest of the body for as long as the infected tooth is left in the mouth.

Dr. Issels found that 98% of all his adult cancer patients had two or more root canal teeth!

Root canal teeth contain bacteria. These bacteria produce highly potent toxins that can disseminate throughout the body.

What are these toxins?

One of the most dangerous are the thio-ethers (ex. Di-methyl sulfate). These thio-ethers are not only structurally, but also in terms of effect, closely related with nitrogen-Lost and other “yellow cross” combat poison gases which were employed during world war 1.

Why are the thio-ethers so toxic?

They are fat soluble and therefore concentrate in the lipid(fat) framework of the cell, especially the mitochondria.(Mitochondria are the energy producers of the cell. If the mitochondria are destroyed than the cell can no longer make energy. ( This may also be a contributing factor in chronic fatigue syndrome)They are very resistant to oxidation and can only gradually be detoxified and may remain in the tissues for a long time. Therefore the continual release of toxins can cause an accumulation of toxins.These toxins can block aerobic metabolism and force the cells to rely on fermentation as a means of energy production. Cancer cells use fermentation as their means of energy production.

This fermentation (anaerobic metabolism) causes the body to become more acidic. Since the body strives to maintain a specific ph (acid-base balance) any increase in acidity will precipitate a release of phosphate buffer from the bone. Along with the phosphate comes calcium. This leads to too much free excess calcium in the blood. One place the excess calcium is deposited is tarter on the teeth. It can also be deposited inside the arteries accelerating hardening of the arteries and it can be deposited in cancer cells. You see the reason cancer shows up on an x-ray is due to calcification in the cells. Normal soft tissue cells are not clearly visible on x-ray because they do not contain calcium.

The root canal issue is both complex and simple at the same time. It is complex because there are many biochemical processes that can be disrupted by root canal teeth. It is simple because they should not be a treatment option.

I hope I have given you a brief insight to the complexity and interaction of the human body. Please explore the information in the website hyperlinks and THINK! Don’t rely on your dentist or physician for information on this subject because most refuse to even look at the scientific evidence.

Remember, everything in the body is connected. Educate your self with scientific evidence and good old fashioned common sense. Your health depends upon it.